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Scenario 1:

Assume that you are working for an ambitious start-up. They are creating a system that will provide customized loyalty and rewards programs for small- and medium-sized companies selling to customers on the Web. These companies enroll themselves on the system’s web store. This allows the companies to create customized buttons, to be placed on their websites, that let customers enroll in the companies’ loyalty and rewards program. Each subsequent purchase earns points, and both companies and their customers can manage the program; for example, to determine the number of points required to receive a free product or service.

Your employer’s marketing staff are heavily promoting the system, offering aggressive discounts on the first year’s fees to sign up inaugural companies. The marketing materials state that the service will be highly reliable and extremely fast for companies and their customers.

At this time, the requirements are complete, and development of the software has just begun. The current schedule will allow companies and their customers to start enrolling in three months.

Your employer intends to use cloud computing resources to host this services, and to have no hardware resources other than ordinary office computers for its developers, testers, and other engineers and managers. Industry-standard web-based application software components will be used to build the system.

Consider the following risk item that was identified during the quality risk analysis process:

Customized enrollment buttons for a company’s website are not assigned the correct URL for that company’s loyalty program.

Assume that you have used traceability to determine the logical test cases that cover this risk item. Which of the following is a positive logical test that is complete, is correct, and covers this risk item?


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