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ISTQB Advanced Level sample exam - white-box testing techniques

The exam is based on both 4th chapter of the syllabus "ISTQB Certyfikowany Tester Plan Poziomu Zaawansowanego" (Polish transation of the "ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level" syllabus) and "Słownik wyrażeń związanych z testowaniem" (Polish glossary of terms used in software testing), published by the Software Quality Association (Stowarzyszenie Jakości Systemów Informatycznych, SJSI).

Includes the following techniques:

  • Statement coverage
  • Decision coverage
  • Conditions (branch condition) coverage
  • Multiple condition (branch condition combination) coverage
  • Modified condition decision combination (MC/DC) coverage

Note: Although this exam has been created on the basis of ISTQB guidelines and materials, it is not the exam, after which you can obtain ISTQB certificate. ISTQB certified exams can be taken here.

Duration: 120 minutes.

Number of questions: 60.

Language: English.

Availability: Single exam approach.

Results: A participant is allowed to view answer statistics only.

5.00 EUR
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